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Morat's Bakery

For over 75 years, The Morat Family Bakery has made a  name for itself throughout west Michigan. 

It all began In 1920...

Current owner and proprietor of Morat's Bakery, Carollee Castle was BORN. FOR. THIS.
Her great-grandfather, Frank Shramm was the originator of the family bakery when he journeyed from Vienna, Austria to Chicago, IL in the early 1920's. He took a job at a bakery and the rest they say... is delicious.

In 1937, after a lot of hard work and pure determination, Frank was able to open his very own bakery in Hart, Michigan. 

He then passed the family business on to his son,

who passed it on to his son,
who then passed it on to Carollee.
And although the family business may have changed hands and locations a few times, one thing has remained the same:
Traditional recipes made the traditional way.
The Morat's Bakery you know today is located in downtown Muskegon, MI.

One tradition that has been in the Morat’s Bakery family since the beginning, and will never change, is their 


Seriously, you've got to try it.
Carollee and her husband Dan enjoy continuing the traditions that started so long ago.

 They hope to share these family traditions with many generations to come!